Astromythos, which literally translates to “the star myth,” is a Greek word I invented to serve as the title for a collection of illuminated books that I have been working on for several years.  I started developing my characters and their stories in the year 2000, and ever since, I’ve been building a completely original mythology to which I’ve dedicated my life.  In English, Astromythos combines the words “astronomy” and “mythology,” two subjects for which I hold an intrinsic passion.  This compilation of original myths and artwork was recovered from the collective unconscious of the far future.  My characters and their stories are echoes from the mind of Ŧime, when the universe drew its last long breath.  These are the paintings and words of those who held onto hope as an ever-expanding universe was laid to rest by Ŧime.  Astromythos: Book One, will be the first publication of these musings.

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