The Notepad…

It’s extremely important to carry a pocket-size notepad and a pen with you at all times.  If you think of your mind as a sponge and open it up to the people and places you interact with everyday, you’ll realize that ideas for your story and your artwork are everywhere.

For example if you’re out at work, sitting in a cafe, or standing in a line at an event and you overhear some people exchanging stories, it’s a great opportunity to borrow their experiences and abstract them to fit within the context of your writing.  Original ideas often come to me from my subconcious, allowing me to make meaningful connections I never considered before between my characters and their stories.  And these great fleeting ideas that slip through your mind will never be forgotten if you have a notepad by your side.  Sometimes the best idea comes to you when you least expect it – the seeds of great ideas blow by so quickly that they enter and exit your mind before you can catch them.  This is why some of the best ideas remain unexplored.


~ by jsideriadis on November 23, 2011.

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