Astromythos Archives…

Today I built a system of digital archives to organize the Astromythos content in my journals.  I started recording every word and scanning every picture from my sketchbooks, writing journals, and from other sources – such as notes I jotted down in magazines & books.  The archives will serve as a convenient reference database, which I can quickly refer to when I’m writing my myths.  The archive is separated into folders: each representing a different myth in my series.  All ideas, passages, and drawings for each myth will be placed in their respective folders.  The archive will also contain all finished artwork and, of course, the manuscript for each book in the Astromythos series.These are my journals and sketchbooks.  My old system of organizing ideas was only effective before I started writing the manuscript.  The color coated flags were great for marking key stories and drawings, but only during the concept phase of Astromythos (which took 11 years).

My digital archive is also more convenient because it serves as a backup in case any of these journals are destroyed.


~ by jsideriadis on September 29, 2011.

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